je fais ce que je veux

Bianca Janet /21/L.A.
she's the kind of girl that stays on your mind
but if you look too long you'll end up blind
she found a balance in virtue and vice
a girl like that's neither naughty or nice


Resistance Is the Celebration

The fact that federal police had to forcibly clear the Zócalo to make way for tonight’s El Grito de Independencia ceremony is in many ways a reflection of Mexico’s current political climate. El Grito becomes a made-for-TV production harder and harder to pass as a genuine celebration of our people’s fight for independence.

However, those who say there’s nothing to celebrate are wrong. The resistance in the streets and the millions supporting them is the celebration. It’s a reminder to us and to the world that Mexico’s independence is still being fought for. Make no mistake, the Mexican fighting spirit is alive and well!

Images via Resistencia Mexico TV